12 September 2012

HELLLLLO! So glad we are already halfway to Friday. And tomorrow... I will finally have cable and internet. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally addicted to Mad Men on DVD right now but I'm dying to watch the news every morning/night.

I'm loving living in Little Rock! It's been a great week and a half. I can't wait until I have everything unpacked and in it's place, I can't stand seeing boxes and empty walls much longer. In all the chaos of moving I have found some time to work on some pinterest projects....

These DIY curtains I found at the link here --> curtain tutorial. I was so excited about these because I wanted a pop of color in my living room but couldn't find any curtains that would work. So I bought cheap white curtains (maybe too cheap and thin) and taped off a grid, then connected the dots and removed the grid tape. Painted them and finish! I don't love them and I will replace them when I find something I like better... but they work for now. The curtain is almost too thin, I need to sew a liner behind-- the sun makes the paint look like it needs like 5 more coats of paint. But for now, they are fun and bright! Mission accoumplished.

Apple Pie Breakfast- So delish! This one says you can throw it all in the slow cooker, go to bed and wake up to a hot breakfast... but after reading the instructions, you really can't. I cooked mine on high the night before for about 3 hours, stuck it in the fridge and then I heated up just enough for breakfast on the stove. It was soooo delish! So simple.. just oats, apple juice, water, cinnamon, apples, and brown sugar. Try it! 

You probably know by now that I started a new job last week. My office had lots of papers just stuck in the wall with thumb tacks so I decided to go back to middle school and get a bullitin board. But in true crafters fashion.. I had to make it cute! So I bought a cheap board from Hobby Lobby, covered it with fabric (used modge podge to secure the fabric to the board) and I wanted to use decorative nail heads around the edges, could not find them so I settled on silver push pins. Beware... my thumbs are still numb!

Hope you love the new projects. Have a fabulous week and weekend :) xoxo.

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