Girls NEW Room!!

16 May 2024

Welcome to the girls new room! And seriously I need to revisit my photography. I'm remembering how terrible I really am at this! I had a lot of run building this new room for them. We had just redone their room before the tornado, I hadn't even had time to photograph and blog. They had just moved in together and got a bunk bed! We ended up buying a different one this time and I just really love both of them! 

I bought both from Max and Lily and was super impressed with how quick the shipping was the quality of the beds! The first one I ordered was a twin over full with a trundle underneath. I had dreams of cousins and sleepovers and plenty of room for everyone! The girls currently sleep together so the full on bottom is perfect!

I love this new one for a lot of reasons. It makes a little more sense when they get older. It can separate and one can have a loft bed and then the other has a bed that is just normal. I think it was fairly new to the site when I went to order. I also love the modern look and the wood tone on white! 

I love the beddy's on the top bunk. Mainly cause those things are so hard to make-up! This is a zipper and done. I had just bought beddy's for the old bunk bed. Talk about painful to lose that stuff!! 

The rest of the furniture isn't beautiful but it's functional! So it works for now. The girls and I actually went through all the bins the other night and it's so liberating to get rid of the junk in there. Because that's what it turns to. We added little clips that says what is in each bin. Of course they keep getting lost of wiped away but we are trying!! 

Vanity  |   Butterfly Prints  |   Scripture Print  |   Lamp (can't find online but from At Home)

Those fun little flowers I found at Hobby Lobby but refuse to try to find anything on their website because it's terrible!! 

I'm really happy with how their sweet little room turned out and I hope it keeps them cozy for years to come! Or until I change my mind and redo it all :) XOXO


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