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13 September 2022

Version number million of our living room since moving in. Kidding.. kind of. I've blogged (i think) all the pervious versions but have taken forever putting this one together. We actually ordered a new couch in December 2020. It took until May of 2021 to come in. Then the rest of the room was kind of slow to build. Until one day-- it was done! 

We were on the verge of buying a frame TV. This room didn't have a TV for a while. We finally added one when the kids got a little older. But we wanted it to look like it fit and have the feel of a more formal living room. We ended up not wanting to splurge on the frame. Instead we got a normal TV and then built a gallery wall around it. Turns out-- I love it! 

The art/photos are just a random assortment that I've collected over the years. I have the very best luck with finding cool frames at Goodwill and then replacing the mats/photo/art. I added in some personal photos and travel stuff for some more interest. 

Central Park photo taken be me, frame from Goodwill  |   Landscape  |  Gold frame + flower found at Target, out of stock  |  Germany photo taken by me, frame from At Home 

Chelsea McShane prints  |   Large Target print, out of stock  |  Gold frame, dark flowers, Target, out of stock  |   London photo by me, frame from At Home  |   Landscape of Buffalo River, wedding gift  |   Scribble print, Target, out of stock  |   Bird Prints on Etsy, funky frame from Goodwill  |   Rest of the frames are old from Target 

Oh yeah. I totally forgot to include the previous versions. Some things have been here since the beginning but some have been moved in. I think it's fun to constantly change.. everything! 

Wall Lamps  |   Floral Print  |   Coffee Table  |   Glider  |   Side Table 

I love that our nursery glider worked it's way in this room. I just love that chair and I did not want to get rid of it. It's been solidly used for 5 years now! 

Okay this is the newest new arrival. And I really struggled with this one! We had a side table here and it never really worked. One day I was over the amount of books on our coffee table and stacked under the TV. I suggested we get a small bookcase for this spot and you could see the disgust on Brian's face. I showed him a few examples and he never really got on board. One day while scrolling AMAZON, I found THIS ONE. It was cheap, the wood looked a little cheap but it was kind of what I wanted. The reviews were fantastic so I figured, get the shelf and it will work until I find what I want. OR I can return it when Brian hates it. It came in a tiny box and I was terrified. But 10 minutes later it was up, 10 minutes after that decorated and another 5 minutes- Brian proclaimed it was his favorite thing! Massive win! And I'm not even looking for something new! 

Brian says this is his favorite view. Kate took over a shelf for her books-- which is adorable. And that plant is really the star of the show! 

Moving to the other end, our dining room. I recovered these chairs earlier this spring and I still really love them! We've had this duncan phyfe table since we moved in and the china cabinet was a wedding gift. It just moved from the living room (which was semi-weird) to the dining room. I love our World Market light fixture, which is no longer available! Just realizing that I never blogged the recover, adorable chairs. Post on that coming soon! Which would include these Anthropologie drapes that I absolutely love but are sadly, no longer available. 

So there you have it. New room. For now! Until I switch it all up again :) XOXO

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