Thanksgiving 2018

07 December 2018

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving in Wynne with the Johnston Family. This picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day with our sweet little girl. 

The whole crew made it! So much fun watching the kiddos run around and play together. Below is Kai and Kate.  

Kate has become so obsessed with packing and unpacking her bags, laundry basket, dress drawers.. really anything she can find. She's super helpful when I'm folding laundry. NOT! It's so funny how she takes it all out, arranges and then packs it back up. 

Love these next two pictures of Kai and Kate :) 

We've started rotating holidays with each family since the drive is long and for us to be able to spend more quality time with each-- we're lucky that Brian's brother and my sister are on the same rotation as us. So we always get to see everyone! So we celebrated Christmas at Thanksgiving this year. Love these sweet pictures of Kate. 

Are these for me?!?!

How fun! She was so into picking up the packages and carrying them around. Also standing on them :) 


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