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13 September 2011

Hello! I wanted to share some pics from my weekend~ so much fun!

Saturday morning we had appointments to try on bridesmaid dresses for Whitneys wedding and Whit tried on lots of fabulous wedding dresses!

So we get to davids bridal and you know they have one of each size in random colors, Sydney got to try on this beauty... in her FAV color....

Kristina and I got the same color... which I think this was my favorite dress that we tried on all day. Except Whit wants us in dark purple...

Sister and I eating at our fav~ Jasons Deli!

Mal is ENGAGED!! DZ love :) Mallory, Erin, Kara and I at the game

BFF! Brian and I
Besties love!

Mister <3 Mistress

Sister and I in Eli's hat :)

Kristina, Sister and I after the game


Brian and I before the game, we're sober... swear.

Have a fab week!

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