random things i've learned about myself.. and life.

20 April 2009

I'm not good at this blog business but here are some random tid bits... things I've learned or that I now know about myself! :) enjoy!

-i would be a bomb investigator! Not as in bomb, tick tick but as in I have excellent stalker skills and intuition :)
-I've finally come to realize that I don't need the people who have walked out of my life. If they are important enough, they come back and if not then I'm better off.
-music changes my mood, always.. for the better!
- i make decisions quicker than most. if i think it, i usually do it- there's no changing my mind once it's there.
-someday i want to be in entertainment news- not as in follow around celebs but as in music.
- i wouldn't mind being a personal shopper. please.
- i have ridiculously inconsistent taste... in music, boys, clothes, anything and everything. if you look at all the boys i've dated i don't think any have anything in common. also, some days i look like i stepped out of banana republic and others i have a punk/emo look.. and everywhere in between.
-i generally have a better day if my alarm is set to so small by matt giraud to wake me up! true story. or good morning beautiful :)
-i have to lay with my head and shoulders hanging off the bed each night for at least 2 minutes. it's the best, really... try it.
-my cell phone isn't my favorite thing. i screen, hard core now days. that is if i even get up to get it.
-my mom is waaay more like me than i would have ever imagined. or vice versa.... she's my best friend actually. i can tell her everything and she's just as silly and random as i am.
- i could eat a chicken berry salad everyday!
-i CAN NOT make plans. i think my hair turns gray trying to. i hate it!
-i hardly cry sad tears anymore, but then again i don't have anything to be sad about!
-i enjoy non slobbery animals now :) thats huuge!
-the feeling of helping someone is the best to me! even if it's something so simple, i try to smile at everyone i pass cause you never know whats going on in their life. maybe they need a smile!
- i've learned everyone has the right to THEIR OWN OPINION! who cares if they are up for miss usa.. if she doesn't think it's right then she doesn't... drop it!
-I LOVE a challenge! especially when it comes to relationships--weird i know. but i also have a hard time wanting things once i get them.
-i'm a pro at arguing. with myself or others-- i can talk myself into doing anything. good and bad.
-the best thing i've learned is that at the end of the day i know the truth about myself and my feelings and that's all that matters. only the One above me can judge me!
-finally, for today at least..... good things come to those who wait! :) :)

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