22 April 2009

The title explains well what I am... crunk! Boy, I'm going to have to work on my vocabulary if I'm going to be on the nightly news now :) Anyway, I am really exciteed because JRam is coming to FayettevilleFriday night and then we're headed to Conway on Saturday to celebrate my birthday with all of my friends there! So there is week one of my month long birthday celebration. AND I can celebrate getting my dream job, wooo hoo! Life is good! SO GOOD!

Anyway, here's a little about my job because you know I'm dying to talk about it. I will be working for KTVE which is located in the Monroe, LA/El Dorado, AR market. I will cover Arkansas news.. mainly just the southern part of Arkansas. I am sooo excited. They haven't broadcast news out of El Dorado for a really long time now so it's great to get it back up and going. Especially since there is still a studio, etc. So start thinking of story ideas and email them to me and follow me on twitter because you know I'll be updating so viewers can follow me every step of the way. You can find me @alexandrahale. I start May 11th and couldn't be more excited and proud of myself.

I still don't feel like it's real. I feel like this is a huge joke someone is playing on me like "haha we're going to tell you that you have a job but you don't!" It's honestly a dream come true... years in the making. And I'm so thankful for all the congrats I've gotten in the past two days. My phone actually went dead yesterday and that thing has one heck of a battery life! It's soooo rewarding to finally accomplish a goal I've had for years. I just pray for strength as I embark on this adventure! ahhhh!!

Anyway, I got off work early today and Rusty called me to come meet him at best buy to look at cameras. I needed his expert opinion... finally I chose the most perfect camera. It's weatherproof and shockproof! Now I can drop it allllll I want and my friends can drop it all the want and I will be just fine. I can also take pictures underwater :) Pretty sweet, eehh? Then we went and had a couple drinks and decided to go visit his friend and get some haircuts, yay! I needed one! Hallelujah!

I guess I can close the day as a happy girl! AND matt and kris were safe on IDOL! What more really can a girl ask for?! Can I just say one more time that... GOD IS GOOD!

xoxo :D

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