28 July 2016

Homemade Pizza Night

We had homemade pizza night this week and it was so delicious! SO. SO. Good. In the past I've made my own dough and I'm exhausted before I even start topping the pizzas. I made some shortcuts this time around and couldn't tell in the slightest. 

I bought my pizza crust premade.. it was a bake for 8 minutes kind and it was awesome! So I shaved off that step. I was actually off on Monday so I did my grocery shopping then, grabbed a rotisserie chicken for Brian and I to eat for lunch. I used the rest of the chicken for the pizza... which was a ingenious idea cause I cut out that step too. 

The pictures above are pre-oven. I'll share the recipes and then I'll show you post-oven :) 

BBQ Chicken Pizza + Bacon
I took this recipe from one J Ram sent me on Pinterest but added bacon. We had BLTs the day before and I saved all the extra for pizza night! 
Season your chicken with garlic powder, chili powder, salt and pepper. Then mix together two types of BBQ sauce-- the recipe used one sweeter one and one hickory-- I just used Corky's and Rendezvous cause that's all I had! Use 1/2 cup of each kind or 1 cup of whatever kind you want. Sprinkle and mix of Mexican style cheeses on top of the sauce, layer some red onions, shredded chicken, bacon- optional!, and then cilantro. 

Prosciutto-Spinach Pizza
The other recipe I just made up because I love Prosciutto. I used pizza sauce, sprinkled with a pizza blend of cheese because I was lazy and didn't get fancy mozzarella, spinach, prosciutto and Italian seasoning. I mean to use basil but forgot. You could really do whatever you want to this pizza! 


These were really simple and really delicious. I think I'll make them again-- sooner rather than later. Enjoy and Happy Weekend! 

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