Sooo.. lots has been going on! With trying to finish up my current job to trying to find a place to live in Little Rock.. I feel like i need a vacation!! :) 

This past weekend I finally found a place to live! I'm so excited, I think I will enjoy the complex and I already know I love the area of town I'll be living in. AND... my closet is HUGE! So I know this is going to be the beginning of something beautiful. 

Anyway, a little life update... 2 weekends ago our friends Stephen and Laura got married. Beautiful service, super fun reception! Here's Brian and I at the reception. I have a very handsome boyfriend! 

OH and I just found these pictures on my camera I wanted to share. About a month or so ago, Brian and Stephen decided they were going to try to smoke ribs on a grill. You see, you have to have a special grill, with the flip up on the side.. you put the wood chips on one side and the ribs on the other. The whole thing was like a 7 hour process but they were good!! They were tender and had good flavor! Here's the grilling team and the final product! Yuummm... 

On to another project... SUSHI!!! I made this a while back and I'm so proud of the outcome! One day while in Barnes and Noble, I decided I wanted to become a sushi chef. Brian I buy sushi all the time from Kroger (LOVE IT) and I figured it couldn't be that hard to make, right? Well... wrong. I've watched countless youtube videos on how to make it, the right technique, all the options to fill your sushi with, etc. I bought the starter kit- it came with my rice spoon, bamboo rolling board, chopsticks, cookbook and dvd. So I bought the seaweed and rice from Kroger, some rice vinegar and then I went with imitation crab. Not my favorite but Kroger didn't have sushi grade fish, so we learn to compromise :) Add avocado and cucumber to the mix and I was ready to roll. Does anyone know how sticky sushi rice is.. OMG! My first attempt wasn't bad but wasn't really good either. Here is the final product on my second... and it didn't taste half bad. That makes it sound like it wasn't good.. it was good but it didn't look as pretty as the pros. 

TA DA!!! I need a good sushi knife to cut and I think I'll be in business :) I'll be back later with this past weekends happenings