I tried a new pinterest project a couple weeks ago! I tried over and over and over again to make this work but COULD NOT make it happen. Finally I was very patient and it paid off. If you can't tell that's a block of wood that I transferred a picture on to. I LOVE the final product! I'd really like to try it in sepia also.. FAB!!! 

We celebrated Tara's 26th birthday over the weekend!! WOO HOO!! We went to eat at Sushi Cafe, delicious as always, and then had ding dong cake from two sisters. I think of gross when I think of ding dongs so I wasn't prepared to like this cake... but It. was. amazing.  

So I left the birthday celebration Friday night and drove to the lake to meet Brian, Daniel and Wendy. Then went down earlier in the day while I stayed to birthday celebrate! We spent the whole weekend, relaxing, eating good, spending time on the lake, and loving life! Saturday morning Brian and I went to the fruit stand next door and got tons of veggies and such for dinner. I made my favorite kind of salad (the sweetest Mr. Keeney of Keeney's in Malvern gave me his awesome recipe) and let it marinate all day... it was AMAZING!! We added some more cucumbers and tomatoes and took the rest home for the week. I LOVE!!!   

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Tomorrow is my last day of work at the Senators office. I'm so excited to move but it's exhausting thinking and doing all the things I have to get done! But it will be worth it and I will love my new home. Until next time... XOXO