Unless you've been living under a rock then you know the USA women's gymnastics team won the team gold last night!! WOO WOO, Fab 5! Off subject, but we'll come back to it... today I got online an looked at some pics from a beach trip with my best friends from last summer. 

Have you ever heard of dropbox? It's pretty cool. You can download it to your computer and share pictures/files with your friends. No emailing, no making CDs (that never get made) just drag and drop. 

So anyway, Laura shared all her beach pics with us yesterday. I think my favorite is this one.... 
This is what one would call a "pink dance party" 

So it got me thinking about friends and how things change and people move and it's a constant struggle to always stay close to your friends. Back to the fab 5... a name I would like to give some of my very best friends....
Whitney Garner, Sydney Milby, Rachel Martin, Me & Tara Wittenburg

Over the past year we've all been all over the place. I've been living in El Dorado, Rachel moved to Kansas City, Whitney got married and had a baby, and Tara and Sydney no longer live together. That in itself makes me feel like someone died. So.. in an effort to keep in touch and thanks to technology I created a thing called "Happy Tuesday." A weekly group iMessage between what I'm now calling the fab 5! 

And what I love so much is that the weekly chat has turned into group messaging nearly once a day, if not multiple times a week. I always know when my phone starts vibrating uncontrollably I can pull it out to find 30+ texts from these girls. No kidding, one time I was in a movie only to get out and have 58 texts waiting on me from Sydney and Whitney. These conversations are instant smiles and day changers. 

Every time Rachel replies with a laugh I can hear her loud gremlin like laugh as if she's in the room with me, when Tara sends an emoji it makes me smile because I know she just copy and pasted it from someone else, I can always count on Whitney to be the first one to respond or send some type of silly picture from pinterest and I know Sydney will forever send the poop emoji after every text she sends. 

I hope you all have something like this in your life. It's the best and I hope it never stops :) And if you are reading this Sydney, Rachel, Tara or Whitney-- I LOVE YOU and thank you for always being a friend.