The boss was in the state most all of August and we had so much fun visiting the southern part of the state. I got to go to my first hog farm! We got to wear those full white body suits, a few layers of plastic boots, masks, and gloves... seriously took me about 5 shampoos to get the smell out of my hair. That scent was foul and I'd be okay if I never went back.

We also go to visit a watermelon farm with tons of cows and gators, first bakery ever... it was really neat, they make all the breadsticks for fazolis and that cinnabon bread you see at the grocery... lots of stuff i've seen a million times but had no idea it came from Hope, AR! Pretty sweet, here's some pics....

Matt and I at the hog farm in Kirby, AR

Priscilla and I

Stacey, Matt, Tracy and I @ Southern Bakeries in Hope, AR~ no open toe shoes allowed in the bakery, tennis shoes and dresses it is!

Those plastic boots were amazing for dancing....

Priscilla, Matt, hog farmer, Senator Boozman and I at the hog farm

Thankfully the Ag tour is just once a year... I kid, I loved it!!