16 December 2017

Favorite Baby Ish

I had no idea how much STUFF you needed for a baby. I read article after article about the "essentials" and so. many. blog. posts. about what you don't need. Truth be told, I just now know what I need months later. And I've decided, it's different for everyone. Baby brands and items are purely a personal (or baby) preference. 

What I did know.. I didn't want a million things flooding my house that essentially do the same thing. So I focused my research and energy into only getting a few things. And this post is where I landed. I put together a couple lists of the things I'm so glad we have and then some of my favorite brands for the things you absolutely have to have! Who knew I would have a favorite kind of burp cloth.. I always though they were crated equally ;) 

Warning: this has turned into one very long, yet very informative post. 

15 December 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy belated Thanksgiving from this little turkey! 

14 December 2017

Thai Fried Riced Cauliflower

We took a weekend trip to Oxford, MS in October to visit David and for the guys to go to the Arkansas/Ole Miss game. I stayed home with Kate and just happened to stumble upon a cooking show called, "The Kitchen."

I had never seen it because pre-baby I wasn't much of a TV watcher. Now after 3 months home- I've watched and insane amount of the Food Network and HGTV. Love you Property Brothers! Flip or Flop ATL = <3. 

13 December 2017

Hello, my name is Kate Johnston

Kate Alexandra Johnston
September 16, 2017 
8 lbs 8 oz   |  20.5 inches |  12:52 a.m.

13 September 2017


Back in early July I posted a flipagram for our 6th Anniversary. I know dating anniversaries don't count but I don't really care. :) It was fun to go back and look at the last 6 years worth of pictures. 

11 September 2017

The sweetest room, ever.

When we started talking about having a baby, I think I had more thoughts about the nursery than anything else. I have a secret board on pinterest that I had been saving ideas for --I can't believe I'm admitting this-- years! 

So when we found out on January 6th that we were expecting (first I was shocked and excited) and secondly, I started browsing pinterest again. 

10 September 2017

My favorite- homemade pumpkin bread

I've always loved pumpkin bread. I don't just want it in the fall, I want it all the time. My mom always made it homemade for me but as I've moved out on my own, I skimp and use the boxed mix most of the time. Eeek! I even bought this perfect bread pan about 3 years ago to make this bread in. Sad to admit, this is the first time I've actually used it. 

09 September 2017

BBQ Shrimp for the WIN!

I know I've talked about Paul Prudhomme on here a number of times and today I'm back with one of my favorite recipes!

In July we went to the beach with my family. Brian and I split up the trip to make it a little easier on my swollen feet and such-- so we made it early and decided to make an appetizer to welcome everyone :) 

08 September 2017

Babies Everywhere!

We finally got to meet baby Madalyn last week. I say we, Brian got to meet her the day she was born! He happened to be in Wynne and swung by the hospital in Forrest City on his way home. I was a touch jealous but finally got my turn. Wendy and Daniel were in town for an appointment last week and brought Baby J's little friend over to see us. We even go to try out some of our baby stuff with her. What a fun time we're going to have with all these sweet little best friends :) 

06 September 2017

Showers for our sweet girl :)

What a fun July it was for baby Johnston! We had 3 wonderful showers and got to spend lots of time with our friends and family :)
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