22 June 2017

Skinnytaste Beef + Broccoli

If you follow my blog at all, you know I'm a huge fan of Skinnytaste. I've bought both of the cookbooks (HERE and HERE) and I'm a regular on her blog. Well plus I follow her on snap, facebook and instagram..... 

Brian was highly skeptical at first, with the name Skinny Taste, he feared everything would be bland and far too healthy to be tasty. He comments all the time how much flavor each dish has! Which just goes to show how much seasoning can make a dish.

21 June 2017

Mike's Cafe

Last month, Brian took me to lunch at a place he found one day when I was traveling for work. I remember him sending me snaps and going on about how great it was. I was dying for him to go back-- and take me this time! It's a Vietnamese and Chinese place called Mike's Cafe on Asher Ave. in Little Rock. I had the chicken pho and it was amazing!! Look at all that awesome freshness in front of us :). I think Brian had the beef-- but I really can't remember. Everything on the menu looked amazing and I can't wait to go back and try more! Check it out! 

20 June 2017

Trip to D.C.

A couple weeks ago I went to Washington D.C. for my final Delta Leadership Institute Executive Academy session. The academy actually ends with graduation in Kentucky in August but since I'll be 36 weeks pregnant then, we think it's best for me to stay close to home, my doctor and my hospital :) 

15 June 2017

It's a......

GIRL! :) 

My coworker Jennifer made me promise to only tell her the gender once we found out because she wanted to do something special at work. Well the next day I came in to THIS! I sure wish I would have cleaned up my office the day before. 

14 June 2017

Korean Grilled Chicken LOVE.

I can't even put into words how much I love this meal! For 6 years-- SIX-- I've tried to get my husband to eat Asian food with me. He will not do it. And then one day, something clicked. He loves it now. He even got on amazon and ordered THIS COOKBOOK

13 June 2017

Memorial Day

I took ONE picture during our Memorial Day weekend at the lake. Snapped this one during our sunset cruise. Don't let the fact that there is no driver and the boat is moving bother you ;) One of my favorite things is going out on the boat in the evening. The water is always so calm and the sky is so pretty! 

03 June 2017

Graduation and NWA

We went to Fayetteville a few weeks back for my brother-in-laws college graduation. Congratulations DALLAS!!! He is now a master mechanical engineer. I added the "master" part myself. :) 

22 April 2017

New House, New Living Room

 I know I've talked about our new home on my blog before but I haven't posted just a whole lot about it. I'm the kind of person who has to have everything perfect at all times and I can't wait.. for anything. So moving is always a struggle for me. I want the boxes unpacked before I go to bed, everything in it's place and to (naturally) look amazing. If I need a piece of furniture, I better find it on my first trip, at the first store I land at. 

21 April 2017

Sunday Brunch

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I've never been a big breakfast person. I really don't want any part of it and if I do, I'm highly particular about what I want. Well in my goal to become a better person, I've been making myself eat breakfast for the past couple months. It still hasn't grown on me but something that has-- is brunch! 

Brian and I have started cooking a big post church brunch each week and I feel like this is something I can get behind. Especially since it's always later than noon. We worked really hard to master eggs benedict and I'm not bragging but we have basically perfected it. 

Brian has been working on his omelette skills and I think it's safe to say, again, he's perfected it! This day he made omelettes filled with prosciutto. Y'ALL so good.  I don't really know what else he used, tarragon and topped with parsley.. it was simple yet so tasty. 

Since this picture (don't you like how fancy I am with snapchat screen grabs?!) we found this amazing ham at fresh market and have made it a couple times with biscuits and gravy.... WOW! So good. I will have to share that one soon :) 


20 April 2017

Welcome to the World Sweet GF!

My friend Whitney had her second child, a girl, Adlee Kate on April 4th. She's adorable and looks just like her older sister, Hayden. In my opinion :) You are so loved little girl and I can't wait to watch you grow! xoxo

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