20 November 2016


I'm not use to waking up early mornings now. I guess this was the alarm that brought me back to real life.  It reminds me that tomorrow it will go off at 5:45 and instead of getting ready to explore a beautiful city in a fascinating country-- I'll instead be driving myself to 1st- Starbucks to make sure my man club breakfast club is still meeting and 2nd- down Cantrell to AEDC. Which reminds me-- school started while we were gone and I will again hate Episcopal Collegiate traffic. Man, I just got low and so negative. Let's not end my fabulous trip on this note. 

The car picked us up at our hotel at promptly 6:30 this morning. It felt like the longest drive ever to the airport. When we pulled up to Heathrow, all I could think of was the quote in "Love Actually." It's a giant airport. Seriously planes take off every 2 minutes. I timed it since we sat on the runway for so darn long. 

I snapped this going in to the London airport. I realized I never grabbed a picture of us wearing these darn backpacks. 
 Holly and Scott left about 2 hours before us so we had some time to waste. We did plenty of duty free looking. Should we buy the booze? Why would we buy this? We can buy it in America. Well Maybe let's buy cologne? Those are just some of our conversations. We did try to track down some cologne for Brian but quickly got headaches and decided against it. 

I found a Zara and tried on basically everything. Why is it that I find like 6 coats that I love but don't need AND they won't fit in my bag? The real reason I haven't bought more is the latter. I do have plans to get online sooner rather than later and purchase at least one. Or 4. I promise I'll get rid of at least 1 that I don't wear anymore. 

Boarding our plane was a nightmare. We were actually in the first boarding group but waited some since there were so many people! Finally, we get to the front only to be pulled out of line since we hadn't been "screened." So we had to wait, for a long time. And then we were basically interrogated by someone we couldn't understand. For the first time, the entire trip, we were frustrated... and rightfully so. It was the worst game of 20 questions, ever. "Why are you here? Where did you go? What was the address of your hotel? What countries did you visit? Where are you going? Why? Where do you work? What is your boss' name? How long have you worked there? What city? Give me a vial of blood." Okay, not the last one. But you get my point. WHY?! We are Americans entering America! 

Our flight was long and mostly uneventful. I do feel like they fed us 10 meals. The second half was bumpy and I was anxious. After landing, I immediately regretted checking our bags. Mine had to be the very last one to come out. Customs was easy, we grabbed Burger King and it was time to head to Little Rock. 

Every meal we ate while in Europe, I took a picture of Brian. For our very last meal (at Burger Kind) I asked to take a picture. This is what I got!

Now I'm on our last flight, from Charlotte to Little Rock. We're flying over Tennessee somewhere I assume. I'm looking forward to being home soon. We had the best trip, made amazing memories. Most of which I will carry with me forever. We ate great food, drank perfect wine, saw beautiful sights and I fell more in love with my adorable husband (above). Life is good. On to the next... where to? Central Europe, Spain, South America?? I don't know. We shall see :) 


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