Happy 4th!!

09 July 2012

Hope everyone had a fabulous 4th! I was slightly depressed when I found out the 4th fell on a Wednesday... seriously?! We got Wednesday off (usually I love being a federal employee but this time I just wanted more!!) I ended up taking Thursday and Friday off. Brian got the whole week off because he has an amazing dream job that people like me would die for :) ANYWAY, we spent the majority of the week with my family at the lake and I dedicated a full day to crafting. Very hotttt but the weather was amazing at night for fabulous boat rides, i LOVE! 

So.. I guess I'll share some pics. Don't laugh... the flag shirts were a joke by my parents. However, everyone participated and wore them long enough to take a few pics :) 

Playing baggo with Josh and Clark. Next time I will not be partners with Clark.. he totally lost the game for us! PS. don't you love the lanterns I hung in the trees?!

The kids at dinner, pizza night

Brian and I, patriotic pride!

We were all good sports. My parents are losing their minds in their old age, I KID!!!! It was funny.  
 So... that was my week/weekend. I should be back soon with some more pinterest projects. Hopefully I can wrap them all up this week. BTW... do you see the "EAT" letters I made in week one in the pic above?? :) LOVE. XOXO 

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