We got up early this morning to catch the train to London. We got to the train station and went through security. Which was kind of nice because we've traveled so freely up to this point. Makes me feel safe! There really has been little security everywhere we've been. We haven't gotten a single passport stamp! Now finally-- 2 stamps on this leg. We even got slightly interrogated leaving London. It was fun. 

The train ride wasn't bad, we went under the English channel. I actually slept most of the time. Woke myself up a few times with my loud snort snores. Whats new these days. My cold is getting worse! 

Hello London town! 
I don't think we completely understood how today was going to work. We didn't grab lunch before getting on the train or on the train since we figured we would eat when we arrived in London. Well we arrived at noon and were rushed to the bus for a 3 hour tourrrr. Oops. 

I felt really sick when we got off the train and needed cold meds. So we snuck in a store really quick to grab some food and medicine. I left Brian to check out so I could run to the ladies room really quick. Bad idea. They wouldn't sell to Brian since he had my credit card and no idea. We're starving. 

Our local guide was great and very funny. We took a boat down the River Thames and saw some of the big sights. Stopped at Big Ben, photo-ops, and back on the bus. By Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, all the big ones. I love London! The taxis are adorable. The tour ended at our hotel-- BJ ran off to find an ATM as soon as we got back for a tip. We didn't get our pounds before and through we would have plenty of time to get them. 


We stayed at a Double Tree and they met us at the door with a cookie-- which I scarfed down and toyed with the idea of eating Brian's before he got back. We checked in, freshened up and went to a nearby pub for a drink and snack. All of these places are so cool! I love them all. 

Again, we discussed dropping our reservation and eating fish and chips. Looking back.. this was stupid. We had dinner at Frenchie in Covent Garden. This place was awesome. Is it sad I pulled pictures of the things we ate on Yelp because I NEVER want to forget this. 

Every. Single. Thing. was amazing. I can't pick a favorite place we ate while in Europe. It's too hard! I can't. I won't! The bacon scones, crab whatever they were-- OMG. The wines. The desserts. The berry shortcake. Every single bite. Every single flavor-- where/HOW will I eat in America again?! 

I will remember ALL the food for the rest of my life. Fond memories and my mouth is watering recapping this. We ubered back to the hotel to hang out in a pub. They were all closed! Someone told us today was holiday but I think it just happened to be a Sunday night. So we grabbed a night cap at the hotel bar and chatted with some of the people from our group. I made sure to get a Pimm's cup and boy was it pretty. 

Tomorrow we have a free day in London. So much to see, so little time!