Helllloooo! I've got a few new pins to share! I made another burlap football door hanger- this time for Brian's parents-- Wynne Yellow jackets edition... love it! Mrs. Susan even added a cute blue bow at the top and it looks fab on their door!

A little while back I blogged about the amazing homemade pizza I made.. it's back but this time I topped it with spinach and chicken.. it was sooooo good! I'm still amazed that using only greek yogurt and flour you can make sure a delish crust!  

And last but not least... chocolate chip cookies stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough! These were sooooo, so rich that I could hardly eat a full one. (good thing!) And something went kind of wrong when I was stuffing them, it's like the dough part got too soft that it all separated?? I'm not a master chef, yet.. so I'm not quite sure. Anyway, Brian & Clark gave them two thumbs up!