I'm winding down on the Pinterest challenge.. over half way there! These last few are going to take some more time cause I want them to be amazing!! I already posted 3 of my projects from this past week (below). so here are the rest.... And by the way, the next 4 projects are only food. So they are a little boring.. but next week... I promise to not disappoint :) 

Day 22- Star-Spangled Pie
This was pretty good... nothing like the peanut butter pie that I have come to love sooo much! But it was cute and festive and I do love those rainbow cookies! And this is super easy

Day 23- Southwestern Corn Dip
YUM!! Made this at the lake this weekend and it was a hit! (I'm not very good at taking pictures of food) It was even a little better the next day after it thickened up a bit. I added an extra jalapeno because Brian likes the heat BUT it was little too much.  

Day 24- Summer Pasta 
Top 5 favorite thing in my life='s pasta salad!! I'm not going to lie though, this wasn't my favorite. I'm so in to the pasta, Italian dressing, some broccoli, bell peppers, salt, pepper... doesn't have to be fancy. This was good but not amazing. I do LOVE lemon juice and I think that made this dish. 

Day 25- Cookie Dough Popsicle 

*Please do not judge me but I can not get this to rotate for the life of me!! These were super easy to make but the result was not as yum. Even looking at this makes me not happy. It tasted like frozen milk and not like a sweet should. I mean, I get it.. it's made out of milk but I guess I expected a different result. THUMBS DOWN.

I also did one other project I found on pinterest this week.. but I don't want to add a number to it because it was kind of lame. I do want to share it though because it works!! It's the pit stain removal project. You can find it HERE... AND this is magic!! It was easy! It only takes 3 ingredients ~ dawn, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. SO, so easy! 

UPDATE* on the teeth whitening, my dental hygienist friend Morgan, who I am halfway responsible for her passing DH school (since I quizzed her on the dorsal, ventral-whatever everything) told me that the baking soda, toothpaste mixture isn't going to give me any kind of long term results

That's a wrap on Week 4! I'm excited to finish the rest of my projects, I've already got the last 6 lined out and I'm anxious to finish them and post about them! You are going to LOVE!!!! They are all super crafty :) 

Hope everyone has a happy and very safe 4th! Drink lots of water and don't text and drive :) LOVE, XOXO!