We had a slow morning, which was nice. This included breakfast at the hotel-- I loved every single bit of it! Beautiful, perfect, delicious, can I have this every single day? Fresh meats and cheeses and my very favorite- nutella! So many different breads for me to lather with nutella, so little time. The big surprise of this breakfast? It was included! And check out the little chicken at the bottom-- there's a hard boiled egg underneath. So adorable. 

The same woman who checked us in and served us dinner, also served us breakfast. We later found out she is the owner. I love everything about Oberwesel! 

After breakfast we walked around the town . It's adorable. There is a wall that surrounds the town, which I assume was used for protection in the old days. You could walk on top of it, so we did and saw the most beautiful sights the Rhine had to offer. 

 Our hotel to the left 

Notice the vineyards in the background.  

After our tour by foot, we grabbed our bags at the hotel and took off for the train station. I wish I could say the train ride was easy. What a headache, more probably for Brian. We got on and off so many times. We even got on the wrong train and nicely got kicked off at the next stop. But we finally made it to Cologne. Our hotel was so close to the train station. Our room was ready early, so we checked in, refreshed and took off, again! 

We toured the Cologne Cathedral. So old! Brian loved it. We actually had to look pretty quick because a service started at 5pm. 

After a quick rest, shower, get dressed for dinner hotel run-- we set out to find a place to eat and drink. We watched an Anthony Bourdain special on Cologne that basically showcased the beer-- because let's be honest-- how many times can you eat sausage and potatoes in Germany?! So we were on a mission-- drink beer! 

So we walk to dinner along the Rhine. There was so much going on. People everywhere. So much going on, outdoor seating, pretty buildings, cool alley ways-- really amazing.

We make it to our dinner stop, of which I forgot the name, was very German. They served Kolsch (the beer) and Clinton ate there once... so it couldn't been too bad.. right? **Sidenote-- a not so quick google search turned up our restaurant-- Brauhaus zur Malzmuehle

They hand us the menu, in German. I pulled out my phone to start googling, our waiter showed up, took one look at us and then simply said, English? Relieved, we said yes and immediately got English menus! 

I had the wiener schnitzel with a mountain of fries-- Brian, another brat! We had 10 Kolsch between the two of us. This really wasn't our fault. They just keep them coming. As soon as you're low, another beer arrives. They don't stop bringing them until you put the coaster over your cup. So you see, not our fault. 

So we finish dinner and take a nice walk back to the hotel.   We finally found what I had been looking for-- nail clippers!! So we buy these probably 5 euro clipped and leave... the man from inside comes running after us. I immediately thought my card was declined or he thinks we stole.. I DON'T KNOW. Then I see this shiny little rose gold wallet waiving in the air. You know that would have ruined the trip! haha. I am so. so. so thankful he found it and gave it back to us. 

Back to the room we went, packed and got ready for our journey to Amsterdam.....