Last Friday morning was an interesting one. I took off an hour toooo... wait for it, go on the Fox 16 morning to show to demonstrate/talk about my door hangers. Yes, it sounds silly. (You can watch the full video, HERE)

So you probably know or have seen that I post these things all the time. On INSTAGRAM and on FACEBOOK. So my sorority sister and friend, Mallory Hardin Brooks called the week prior asking if I would come on the Fox 16 morning show for the new "This is How We Do It" segment. Sure, ok. 

I begged all my local friends with door hangers to borrow so I would have examples, loaded them up and here I am.... 

Part of the segment was to teach the anchors-- so I left dots for them to fill in. It's a 3 minute spot, what am I supposed to do?! Anyway, it was kind of fun. And I included the video at the top of my brightest moment. "Do you make these bows?" Yews, Yews... (country) and then I tied an air bow. Really? 

 Both of the above photos I stole from Fox 16 Instagram account. And below-- with Mallory! Who took home the most adorable HOGS DOOR HANGER. OR shop all designs, HERE