Welcome 2014 and welcome to my first post of the year! I'm going to try my very hardest to start blogging more (i know, I KNOW- i've said that before!!) 

I never make resolutions... because I never keep resolutions. But this year I'm going to try something-- I need to get rid of some clothes.. scratch that... i have to get rid of some clothes! I have a ridiculous amount of clothes that i NEVER wear. So many things that I haven't worn in years that I just "know" I'll wear soon. Or maybe if I lose a couple pounds? Or what if I gain a couple pounds, I'll def need my fat jeans. NO MORE!!!! Will this also be motivation to maintain a good size?! Possibly! 

You might remember I did something similar, you can read about it ---> HERE. Below is my picture from the first challenge and a short recap... 

I turned all the clothes around and the challenge is-- when you wear something, hang it back up facing the right (normal) direction so you know you've worn it. After a year or the season, etc... if it's still facing backwards-- GONE! In theory this was a great idea and I actually kept up with it. I would tell what had been worn and what hadn't... which was great for not repeating outfits. 

Then one horrible night in May my apartment caught on fire, I was allowed in for five minutes to grab things-- talk about a DISASTER!!! No lights, no suitcase, no nothing and all my stupid clothes are facing different directions. I still remember my friend Shana's husband asking why the clothes weren't coming off the racks... BRILLIANT IDEA! Anyway, two months later I got most back and a dry cleaning bill for $9,000! 

Point being-- I've already downsized... a lot! So let's go 2014-- I'm going to do this right. I've got til Spring to wear my winter clothes and if I don't, they will be available at the local Salvation Army store. 

Are you making a resolution? Share with me your ideas! I think I'll also add that I vow to learn how to use my new curling iron-- so I won't be walking around looking like a mop head :) 

xoxo, ARH