At the risk of sounding like I spend all my time on pinterst... since every single thing i post is from pinterst... I'm going to post about yet another pinterest project! 

Have y'all seen these engineer prints people are printing and hanging in their kids rooms?! SO NEAT! You can do a 18x24, 24x36 print and I think a 36x48!! And it's soooo cheap!! I've seen people print the largest size available and mount it on plywood and then hang in a kids room or something like that... So I figured I had to get it a try :)

I don't have a saw (yet) so I figured I would just buy a frame... hobby lobby 50% off! And I love it! Originally I bought a 24x36.. it was way too big so I took it back and got the 18x24. AND originally I printed a picture of friends but then it was just kind of too big and BAM when you walked in.. so I printed my favorite picture I took from Paris :) 

The hallway is soooo small it's hard to take a picture! But take my word for it... it looks great!