Hope everyone had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! This year we spent Thanksgiving in NWA with my moms family. I actually helped cook this year and I'd like to take full responsibility for the dressing (although mom helped and possibly made all of the cornbread), the sweet potato casserole (that i have never tried), the homemade cranberry sauce (which was beautiful), and I'm sure I made something else... 

My favorite Thanksgiving foods are ham, dressing and broccoli cheese casserole (my mom and grandma make the best in this whole entire world) The whole family came out to Grandma and Nonno's around 1 and we had a delicious meal, filled with lots of fellowship... great bonding time... like when I fought Courtney nearly to the ground, threw her over my shoulder and ripped a spoon out of her hand... YUP, just another Penzo family holiday :) 

BUT seriously, to explain that last comment... my family is really in to games... scrabble, card games (any kind... you name it!) So I think my mom started it a few years ago.. the kids were too young for scrabble .. so we started playing spoons. It's gotten very intense over the years... we've broken a dining room table (seriously) and torn who only knows how many tablecloths. So now we must lay a quilt down before playing, a very thick one. 

I stopped playing a few years back because it was just too much for me! The competition.. my mom was the toughest one!! I'd always walk away a loser with a messed up hand because someone ripped the spoon from me. But this year my mom decided not to play, me.. being the oldest grandchild in attendance... decided I had to play.. you know, for the old guys. 

Usually in games I'm overly cocky.. I have nothing to back it up, I just think it's fun to trash talk. I kept quiet this time, left the trash talking to my aunts, I played smart.. and two hours in (I'm "A") this is how that was working out.... 

It was about then that all my cousins realized I didn't have any letters! They started to gang up on me.. finally in a brawl between my cousin Courtney and I things got crazy!! Her twin sister, Heather, pulled me away so Courtney could get the spoon (I say, pass interference) but I got the spoon, the straight end.. which any good spoon player should know.. that's not the end you want. So I reach in with the other hand and grab the spoon part.. she's pulling, i'm pulling... somehow I throw her over my shoulder and we're tugging on this spoon like this is life or death.. don't know how it happened but I got the spoon! AND i WON THE GAME!!! Well, about an hour later. Now for the next year I am the champion!!!!! "The Golden Spoon"

These are my cousins Caroline and Maddi... in the madness of grabbing spoons, somehow their arms got tangled up :)

Then we did some Black Friday shopping with my Aunt Toni and cousin Caroline, overall is was a fabulous weekend and wonderful time with family!! I wanted to share my favorite Thanksgiving card, make sure you listen close. I laugh so hard!