I could not stand my yellow chevron wall any longer!! If you don't remember it.. here it is... 

I painted this over a month ago and included a tutorial... HERE. But the longer I looked at the wall I started hating it. I tried to convince myself that it was OK, when the lights were off it was better.. but then finally on my way home from work one day I just kind of steered myself to Sherwin Williams. Before I got out of the car I decided I was buying navy blue paint and I was going to repaint that dang wall free-handed. So that's what I did! Went home and started painting.. AWFUL idea! 

The next day I went back to Sherwin Williams, bought painters tape, taped off the WHOLE WALL... AGAIN!!!! But.. it was SO worth it! I love, love, love this wall now. the color is what I wanted, the chevron looks amazing and it's so much more cozy than that stupid yellow ever was! 

I also decided to paint the rest of the surround walls with the solid navy and i LOVE them too! It's started to feel so homey and comfortable... now that I only have 3 months left on my lease :)