Sooo I went to my first high school homecoming in 8 years this past weekend. I had a handsome date but unfortunately no corsage. However, I'm going to forgive Brian because I don't know that my cotton shirt could have supported the size corsage I really wanted :) (more on that later)

Anyway, for those of you who don't know.. Brian's youngest brother, Dallas, is a senior at Wynne. Each Friday night we've been going to the games... The jackets are unstoppable this year! They are 5-0... we're talking 2 back to back shutouts, both scored at 43-0. I think they have enacted the mercy rule the past 3 weeks!!

El Dorado hasn't had their homecoming yet, not that it matters because I haven't been back to homecoming since my senior year in 2004. BUT this year is my sisters 10 year reunion so I'm actually going to go home for homecoming. Lauren and Josh live in Nashville so I try to make it home every time they come to Arkansas.

In honor of homecomings past and present I figured I would take a little walk down memory lane and share some homecoming memories :) Enjoy!

Okay, lets start from the beginning. This was some time during elementary school. Our campfire group used to be in the parade each year.. this must have been one of the years we just rode our bikes or something (since I don't have on some outrageous costume on). One year I remember we were all football players... like 3 of the girls were Wildcats and the rest of us were the other team... we all had  "black eyes" or something like that. Nice looking corsage.. of course it was from my parents :)

I just found this one on facebook.. this must have been the same year. I'm in the car somewhere...

Next stop- middle school! Look closely cause that corsage just got huge!! My mom still jokes because I loved those things so much.. If i didn't have a date, I would still make my mom buy me a big one! Wow, I can't believe this picture is even making it on here. Love it, we are babies!

8th grade homecoming- my face is actually covered up by a balloon in this one but who loves this!? Check out those old school cheer uniforms.

9th grade! Our first year to actually go to the high school and since we were freshmen we didn't have to cheer at the game so we actually got to go to the game. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! What am I wearing?! You live, you learn.

I don't know that this is actually from homecoming... now that I've posted it I think it might be from a purple and white game. But my little brother is so cute so I'll keep it up :)

Senior Year. Our class brought back the homecoming bonfire, the night before homecoming. It's actually (probably like most places) a week long celebration and war between classes. Each grade has a huge 18 wheeler flat bed that they decorate and then all ride on during the parade.. I always cheered so I never got to ride. Anyway, after school... every grade would work on their float the week of homecoming at the fairgrounds. It was really just a big party. At 8, when the work stopped we would have "sign painting parties." I don't know that we ever painted a sign, maybe once.. in the hall of my dads office so it wouldn't be destroyed. The whole point was to get in egg/water balloon/whatever fights with the other classes. But it always got way out of hand.. one year my car got egged and paintballed.. all in the same night. I got questioned by the police one night and then called in the principals office the next morning to get questioned again (class officer) So. Much. Fun.

So I mentioned cheerleaders didn't get to ride their own class float... the cheerleaders had to ride the firetruck and we were always the last float of the parade. Seniors rode in the bucket!

Homecoming game time, senior year! In front of the SR 04. Each class passes this along, paints the letters and makes whatever year they are, '4' in our case. We burned the class of '03's 3 at our bonfire. I'm sure that's what happened to our 4 a year later. I really wish I had better pictures... these are just the only ones I had scanned in on my picture site or on facebook. Look close on the '4' and you can see Alex H.

AND PRESENT- Wynne Homecoming 2012 with my handsome date, Brian!

Hope y'all enjoyed my walk down memory lane, I always love a good memory fest! holllla