Who doesn't like fall? I think you'd be lying if you said it wasn't one of your favorite things ever! The smells, the cool air, sleeping with the windows open, apple cider, football season, pumpkins, i could keep going all day... Since fall is officially here I've started with the decorating. Starting with my facebook page :) I updated my cover photo this week to a picture of my Grandma & Nonno's farm.

My moms parents live in Tontitown, a small little Italian town outside of Fayetteville. We have always went north around this time every year. My Nonno has a HUGE pumpkin patch. He grows every type of pumpkin and gourd you could ever imagine! Orange, White, Green, Cinderella, Jack-O-lantern, etc... He grows massive pumpkins and would always grow our names into a pumpkin for us.
Lauren and me in the pumpkin patch

Pumpkin delivery from Tontitown!

Nonno and Clark

So I posted the patch on facebook and fell in love with fall all over again. Brian and I are going to Tontitown in a few weeks but I'm hearing from my aunt Toni that Nonno is almost sold out! This makes me really sad. He's going to put some back for the Hale's though :)

When Nonno was in the prime of his farming he would sell to Walmart and go to the farmers market each week on the Fayetteville square. He's always done this as a hobby but he used to grow every fruit and veggie you could imagine. He's still big in tomatoes and grows few veggies for the family. Since he's cut back, he just sells the pumpkins at his house for fun. It's kind of become a word of mouth operation. They put up a doorbell on the garage and people just come out to let their kids play and buy pumpkins. Grandma and Nonno love it... they actually draw pretty big crowds, especially on the weekend. So now I'll share with you some patch pics :)

If you live in or are visiting NWA in the next few weeks you should really go visit. They love when people come out. Just let me know and I'll get you the address. Hope every has a fabulous weekend and a very happy fall!