Y'all... I finally made good.. I FINISHED!! not only did I finish but I went above and beyond :) Okay, kind of.. I cooked a lot and some of my projects were minor/major busts! But.... I have 11 new projects to update you on. I didn't do the ones I had originally planned, someday when I have tons of time I will get to those :) 

Day 28- Baked Quinoa Broccoli Casserole 
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I totally forgot to take a picture of my casserole so the pinterest one will have to do. I had never had quinoa before and this turned out pretty good! It is less than 200 calories a serving and a great side dish! I def recommend making it :) 

Day 29- Mercury Glass Lamp
This was such a bust that I can't even bring myself to post a picture. I took an old lamp, followed the directions perfectly and all it looked like was a silver lamp that got wet and when the water dried it looked dirty. I tried over and over again, even looking up different techniques. Now all I have is a silver, metallic lamp. SAD FACE.

Day 30- Photo on Wood
This is what I call a minor bust. I'm having a hard time with the water rub down part. As you can see... part of Whitney's face is missing and Sydney has lost her right eye. I'm going to try again though.. until I get it right!! This could be really neat if I can just get the technique down. 

Day 31- Burlap Door Hanger (LAST DAY!!!)
Y'all... how cute it this?! I LOVE how it turned out! It's way easy and I just want to brag for a minute one how awesome my razorback looks. 1st one and I'm pretty proud. This is actually for Whitney and I know it will look fabulous on her door during football season! 

Brownie Mug Cake
So this link give you tons of options to make... I went with the brownie. Mainly because I didn't have eggs.. or really anything for that matter in my kitchen. I was craving chocolate so I went through the recipes and delicious is what came out! Don't cook it too long, I actually like to under cook just a bit so it's gooey. Next time I really hope I have ice cream... YUM! I think I'll end up making all of these once I'm finished. 

Garlic/Brown Sugar Chicken
I made this over the weekend with some potatoes (you will see in a minute) for Brian and it was pretty yum!! My regret would be that I used chicken breasts over tenderloins. No good reason, just personal preference. A breast seems so large and I feel like you lose so much of the flavor since you just "sprinkle on top." However, this chicken was quick and easy and delicious overall. 

Butter Steamed Potatoes 
All I can really say is YUM! These are my very favorite kind of potatoes. They serve some like this at Fisherman's Wharf in Hot Springs but I promise you.. mine are 100 times better. Don't judge me for the amount of butter used in this dish.. just try it! You don't actually eat all of the butter. SO delicious! 

Oven Baked Corn
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TOTAL let down! Seriously, I guess I had it figured out in my head that this would taste just like corn on the grill would taste.. and boy was I excited. I sort of hyped it up to Brian before we ate it... we were both defiantly let down. I wonder if I should have let it cook longer? I don't know... Maybe my standards are set too high for corn. Nothing beats grilled corn on the cob from the actual grill. 

The MOST Amazing Carrots of Your Life. Trust Me. 
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Please promise me sometime in the next week you will try these. I am so serious... you will fall in love. I don't even like carrots!! I know Brian does so when I saw this on pinterest I figured it was a win-win. I like zucchini, he does too and he likes carrots.. ding! Words can not explain how good this was. Anyone can make these. Just follow the very simple directors on the link! (btw- I used old bay for my seasoning, along with salt and pepper- also, just spray the bottom of the pan with cooking spray, the oil is a little much in my opinion) These carrots are amazing and I'm totally a carrot fan now...they sort of taste like sweet potato fries (which I'm not a fan of either) JUST DO IT. 

Cucumber Snack
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If I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be cucumbers. I don't know that you can understand how much I love a good cucumber and those English cucumbers... heavenly. So when I see recipes dealing with cucumbers I have to try them... plain and simple... I did not like this one. I don't think paprika belongs on cucumbers, I had to thrown the whole thing away. Which was awful for me. I'll take a plain cucumber over this recipe any day. 

Canvas #2 for Hayden
How precious is that?! I saw this, sent it to Whitney... she loved it as much as I did so I made a girl/larger version for my favorite 3 week old. I just love it. She's the cutest kid in all the world. 

So what do you think about the finish of my pinterest project? Did I redeem myself for finishing late? I hope I will keep my crafting up. I'm always open to new ideas if you want to pass some my way. I'd be happy to try them or make something for you!! 

I'll keep you posted on my crafting adventures :) XOXO, ARH