I have completely fallen off my pinterest bandwagon... I can't make any excuses! I started the 4th of July week of strong and here I am... two weeks later with only 2 completed projects to show you! Honestly... I just needed a break~ I have been so busy and it's been nice to just go home after work and not think about pinterest. I am only 4 short but I WILL finish!! (I've actually done some small pins but I want my last 4 to blow you away :) SOOO.. I'll share with you what I have finished. 

Day 26- 4th of July Cake
Sadness is all I felt as I realized I forgot to buy red, white, and blue sprinkles... and the store was 7 miles away SOO.. you make do. But how cute is this? And it really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It was a white cake mix and then a lot of food coloring. VERY festive and pretty yummmm :) 

Day 27- Wooden Monogram
I made this for a razorback shower we went to last weekend :) I originally was going to make it as a wedding gift and copy the example I found on pinterest. But then the razorback shower came up (and these two LOVE all things razorback) so I figured.. how perfect!! The hardest part was finding old wood because I wanted to to be kind of rugged.. then I had to build a frame on the back.. paint it and there ya go! I wish I would have picked a different font for the "Huffman" but it's okay :) 

So that's all I have! Hopefully next week I can complete the project. A couple ideas I had kind of fell through sooo.. ya know, that's life! I'll come up with 2 to replace and show you soon!