04 March 2010

How could I have forgotten the box?!


I can't believe I made that list and left of my 5th car! Actually it would be my 4th because it came before my new Altima. 

I got this one in May 2009.
NUMBER 4: Honda Element (I have no idea what year) 

I sure hope you aren't jealous! Don't be... it's not technically mine... it's my work car. or SUV.. or crossover... I really don't know what it is?!

Anyway, I've had a lot of people tell me the appeal of the box on wheels is that you can open up the doors... like so.... 

And just hose the thing out when it's dirty. Yeah, that's exactly what I want. A car I can just take a hose to the inside. Forget luxury or nice soft carpets when I want to take my shoes off... give me some rubber floor board and the worst handling car/suv/crossover i'll ever drive. thanks honda.... for nothing. 

Aren't we cute?!.... 


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